Grayslake Youth Baseball Association (GYBA) exists to enhance the skill set of our children desiring to play America's past time. In doing so, we will strive to create an environment that is safe, organized and fun. We are dedicated to the principles of

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GYBA Hitting Video Progressions


Please make sure you read the drill descriptions before watching each video!

Baseball Progressions and Curriculum-PDF




1. circle stretch

2. dynamic warm up with plyometrics



1. No Feet Drill

2. Stork Drill

3. Back Foot Only Drill

4. Step Through

5. Step Back Drill

6. Stride Drill



1. One Knee  Front  Side

2. One Knee To Follow Through  Front  Side

3. Feet In Cement  Front  Side

4. Equal and Opposite  Front  Side

5. One legged  Front  Side

6. Hop To One Legged  Front  Side  

7. Happy Gilmore  Front  Side