Grayslake Youth Baseball Association (GYBA) exists to enhance the skill set of our children desiring to play America's past time. In doing so, we will strive to create an environment that is safe, organized and fun. We are dedicated to the principles of

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Players, Coaches, Parents, and Friends,

Please note you now have the ability to view your team information on the GYBA website. To view all your teams information follow these steps:
  1. On the horizontal buttons above, please select the TEAM tab.
  2. You'll see 3 white boxes showing SEASON, LEAGUE, and TEAM.
  3. Select the proper SEASON from the drop down arrow. For example, if your player is in 1st grade and is playing in GYBA's 2012 IN HOUSE SPRING/SUMMER season please select this. There are also TRAVEL PROGRAM options as well.
  4. Then select the proper LEAGUE or DIVISION. For example, choose 2012 PINTO LEAGUE.
  5. The TEAM drop down box will then show all the teams in your league/division. Please select your team. For example - If your player were playing on the RED SOX, you would then select the RED SOX.
You have now arrived at your players team page. Your manager will enter important information on this page. You will also find your teams calendars, GYBA important events, and you can share pictures as well. On the left side, you will find team results, team standings(with the exception of the Pinto League), and other pertinent information.

You'll also note a Roster feature. We have set this up as a password protected field. Only the team, coaches, and league administrators are able to view this page. After your team has been drafted and shortly after you've been contacted by your Manager, you will receive a team password. Here, you will be able to view the team roster and contact information. Please save this team password. Please also note that your information that you provided at registration is also individually password protected. You should have received a password after you registered. Feel free to go and update your information. If you have forgotten any password, feel free to go to the websites FEEDBACK area under the ASSOCIATION tab and email the League Administrator. We can then email you back your password.

*Managers/Coaches have their own password which gives them additional responsibilities to their team page.

This is an exciting system. However, we understand there may be some questions or it may be confusing initially. Please ask your Manager/Coach for assistance or revert to the FEEDBACK tab with any questions.

Please have fun with your Team Page. We heard loud and clear you wanted a tool like this so we hope you enjoy it.