Grayslake Youth Baseball Association (GYBA) exists to enhance the skill set of our children desiring to play America's past time. In doing so, we will strive to create an environment that is safe, organized and fun. We are dedicated to the principles of

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GYBA Refund Policy

The purpose and intent of the GYBA Refund Policy is to allow a player who wishes to withdraw from the GYBA Baseball Program. It will be the GYBA policy to refund the entire (100%) registration fee with a written check up to the date of the leagues draft. The “League Draft” is described as the time of the draft for that league (7/8, 9/10, 11/12 or 13/14 League). Between draft and Season opener, GYBA will refund 50% of the registration fee with a written check.  Once the first game is played, the parent/guardian/player MAY NOT be entitled to any type of refund. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the GYBA board has the authority to overrule the time stipulation. The overruling of the time stipulation will be determined by the GYBA Chairman and/or Vice Chairman who may authorize the refund.
In order to request and/or receive a refund, the petitioner (parent/guardian/player) must follow the following procedure:
  1. Notify the League President in writing of their intent to withdraw from the program. The letter shall include the reason why the petitioner is withdrawing from the program. The date the League President receives the request will determine the date of the request. Attached is a refund request document that can be used: request.doc
  2. The League President will tender the petitioner’s written request to the President of Baseball as soon as time allows.
  3. At the next GYBA Board Meeting, the President of Baseball will submit the request to the GYBA Board for review.
The GYBA Board will authorize the petitioner’s refund unless it was tendered after the required date (first regular season game). If the request is tendered to the League President after the required date, it will be the GYBA Boards decision on whether the refund or what portion thereof is granted.